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Roadside Scenes New Jerseys Scenic Byways Day 1

Roadside Scenes — New Jersey's Scenic Byways Day 1

According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey boasts seven scenic byways that embody the diverseness of the state. These byways offer remarkable scenes and communicate its uniqueness with a unifying theme that tells a story about the State's history, heritage culture and recreational activities. With byways spanning throughout New Jersey, NJM suggests checking out the following during Day One of your scenic byway road trip:

  • Located on Route 29, the Delaware River Scenic Byway provides travelers with splendid views of the Delaware River, which carves through the historic riverside towns of Titusville, Lambertville, Stockton and Raven Rock ending at the southern limit of Frenchtown. The Byway also includes Washington Crossing State Park, the spot near where George Washington crossed the Delaware River and made his march into Trenton.

  • Millstone Valley Byway runs through Somerset County and was designated a "New Jersey Scenic Byway" in 2001 for its historic and breathtaking views of the Delaware River and Raritan Canal.

  • With views of the Hudson River and New York City skyline, Palisades Scenic Byway spans 13 miles on the Palisades Interstate Parkway and offers drivers three lookout spots, 2,500 acres of parkland and public facilities at the river level parallel to the highway.

  • Warren Heritage Scenic Byway is located in the southern part of the Highlands, spanning from Greenwich Township to Hackettstown in Warren County. Offering motorists expansive views of the rolling mountains and valley, roadside streams and the historic Morris Canal, the Byway takes travelers through historic districts and Thomas Edison's "Concrete Mile," constructed in 1912.

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Source: New Jersey Department of Transportation