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Supporting Small Businesses Strengthens Our Communities

Supporting Small Businesses Strengthens Our Communities

Now more than ever, we need to celebrate the entrepreneurship and innovation small businesses bring to our communities. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local and national economies, creating jobs and fostering health and hope in our communities.

Recent circumstances have made it harder for many small businesses to operate. We salute all small business owners and independent insurance agents affected by the pandemic.

Support Small Businesses

NJM is supporting small businesses through contributions to local organizations. We are also offering flexibility to Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto customers in the form of payroll, coverage, and vehicle reductions as well as class changes directly related to COVID-19.If you are an NJM Business Insurance policyholder in need of assistance, please call 1–800–232–6600 to discuss your options.

In the meantime, everyone can support local businesses while still practicing social distancing. Here are some methods:

  • Buy gift cards or shop online

  • Order food for delivery or curbside pickup (and tip generously!)

  • Use online tools (like video chat) to continue your regular dance lessons, personal training sessions, tutoring, etc.

  • Schedule events or services using local businesses for when shelter-in-place ends

  • Help your favorite small business advertise by sharing on social media why you love them

Support essential businesses, too, by treating employees with respect, following social distancing guidelines, and being patient through potentially longer wait times. Understand that some businesses may be experiencing more product shortages than larger businesses are, and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Support Small Business by Working with an Independent Agent

Now is a great time to contact your local independent agent to review your current business insurance policy. Business insurance policies, like workers’ compensation and commercial auto policies, can be complex. An independent agent or broker can provide guidance to you at no additional cost! Independent agents or brokers work with multiple carriers and help inform policyholders about product offerings, available discounts, and more. When you ask an independent agent or broker to handle your company’s insurance needs, you can focus on keeping your business running.