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NJM Salutes Small Businesses!

NJM Salutes Small Businesses!

National Small Business Week is an annual celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation. More than 30 million small businesses operate in the United States. They’re the lifeblood of our local and national economies, creating jobs, and fostering health and hope in our communities. To the independent insurance agents or brokers and our small business customers — we salute you!

Running a successful business entails much more than offering a great product or service. It requires courage, passion, and leadership. Business owners also need peace of mind, so when the unexpected occurs, they’re protected and able to maintain focus on their daily operation. The right business insurance policies can help provide that peace of mind.

Support Small Business and Work With an Independent Agent

Business insurance policies like workers’ compensation and commercial auto can be complex. An independent agent or broker can provide guidance to you at no additional cost! Independent agents or brokers also work with multiple carriers and help ensure their policyholders are informed about product offerings, available discounts, etc. Let your local independent agent or broker handle your company’s insurance needs, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Did You Know? Your Local Independent Agent Can Offer NJM Business Lines Products

NJM provides workers’ compensation insurance in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland and commercial auto insurance in New Jersey. One of our areas of expertise is to help our customers prevent claims through our Loss Prevention efforts. NJM’s professionally credentialed Loss Prevention Specialists offer safety recommendations, classes, and programs to help reduce the risk of injury.

Companies that maintain active safety programs and identify and correct safety problems can reasonably expect fewer on-the-job injuries, which translates to lower costs. If an injury does occur, NJM’s in-house claims management helps ensure access to quality, cost-effective medical care.

Keeping Your Employees Safe on the Job

Workplace accidents can occur when simply walking from point A to point B. Many injuries can be prevented by promoting safety awareness and employing good housekeeping practices to avoid slips, trips, and falls. Here are a few rules to follow that can reduce mishaps and potential claims.

  1. Promote a safe work environment at all times. Safety starts with employees adopting the right mindset. When employees are committed to avoiding risk and keeping each other safe, it helps prevent accidents from happening. Mandatory safety training classes can help create a culture of awareness.

  2. Practice common sense with good housekeeping. Many accidents can be avoided by practicing common sense. If there‘s a spill, make sure the area is blocked off and cleaned up immediately. When light bulbs expire, replace them right away. If carpeting is loose or torn, repair it.

  3. Apply ergonomics to your workplace. Make work stations user-friendly, provide quality seating, and prevent employees from performing repeated movements throughout the day. Simple accommodations can prevent employees from developing chronic conditions.

  4. Communicate with your staff about safety concerns. Meet periodically with employees and discuss safety in the workplace. Make it a priority to address their safety concerns and keep an open-door policy for employees to alert you to dangers that may surface day-to-day.

Get a Quote!

At NJM, insurance is our business and service is our passion. To learn more or get a free quote, contact your local independent agent or broker.