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Road Trip Planning Essentials Part Two

Road Trip Essentials Part 2

Road trips are about more than the open road and final destination. For many, it's about the time spent with friends or family. NJM has put together a list of road trip planning essentials to help prepare for smooth travels and eliminate backseat boredom:

  • Entertainment: Whether you're traveling with kids or friends, ensuring passengers have entertainment during the trip is a must — from interactive games on electronic devices and DVD players to cards and coloring books.

  • Music: Every road trip needs an anthem. To eliminate the age-old debate of who controls the music — the driver or co-pilot — make a play list before you hit the road.

  • Food: Snacks are an important aspect of road trips. Steer clear of the gooey, sticky treats or snacks that might melt. Instead, opt for easy to store and eat snacks, such as pre-packaged fruits, vegetables, crackers or pretzels.

  • Cleanup: Having a group of people confined to a small space is bound to get a little messy. Bring garbage bags, face and hand wipes, and hand sanitizer to keep everyone feeling clean. Whenever you get a chance to stop, simply toss the bag out and start a fresh one!

Enjoy your trip, and make sure you bring NJM along for the ride.