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New Year’s Eve Safety Tips For Hosting or Going Out

Photo of a cheerful group of friends, at an outdoor New Year's celebration, lightning sparklers at midnight.

New Year’s Eve is a festive time to gather with friends and family. Whether hosting a party or attending a celebration elsewhere, taking these precautions can help ensure a safe experience.


  • Check smoke alarms and replace batteries, if needed

  • Be sure your walkway is well–lit and free of any potential risks, such as loose cement or ice

  • Check for unsecured area carpets, holiday electrical wiring, and children’s or pet toys that pose potential tripping hazards

  • Secure your pets in a comfortable space and play soothing music to relax them and drown out the party noise

  • Use different color cups to identify alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks easily

  • Serve plenty of food and snacks to counter any alcohol effects

  • Avoid salty snacks, which will make guests want to drink more

  • Offer option of non–acholic beverages, including water

  • Keep alcohol out of reach of minors

  • Turn champagne bottle away from guests before safely popping the cork

  • Stop serving alcohol several hours before the party ends

  • Offer overnight lodging for guests, if necessary

  • Ask for the car keys if a guest is intoxicated and arrange for transportation home

  • Avoid using fireworks to prevent a holiday mishap for which you could be liable


  • Plan your travel options in advance

  • Police will be out in full force — don’t drink and drive

  • Consider using a cab, ridesharing service, or public transportation as an alternative

  • Designate a driver who does not drink

  • Arrange to stay overnight at a hotel to avoid driving home at night

  • More impaired drivers will be on the road, observe the speed limit and drive defensively, allowing for more space between you and other vehicles

  • Be aware of potentially hazardous weather and plan accordingly

  • Be sure your cellphone is fully charged in case of an emergency

  • Park your vehicle in a safe, well–lit area — New Year’s Eve is a peak time for auto theft


  • Go with a group of friends for safety if you’re going to a public place

  • Again, designate a driver who does not drink

  • Keep your drink with you at all times if you’re at a restaurant or club

  • If you leave your drink unattended, order a new one to eliminate the chance of someone slipping something into it

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