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Improving Your Game During the Winter Months

Improving Your Game During the Winter Months

Players need to practice to sustain or advance their level of play. So, with golf courses and driving ranges closed in the northeast during the winter, how can we improve in the offseason?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You may not drop 10 strokes in January, but there are opportunities to improve your game.

Video analysis

If there is a time to have your golf swing analyzed, it’s during the offseason. It’s difficult to make significant adjustments to your swing in-season, because your focus is on results. Take advantage of the months away from competition to polish your swing mechanics.

Technology has made video analysis easily accessible. Record your swing with a smartphone or a tripod and camera, and upload video files to sites for analysis. You can also purchase equipment and software that provide immediate feedback on your swing.

Having your swing analyzed by a professional is also beneficial. This may cost a bit more, but feedback from a coach who has analyzed thousands of swings can be worth its price.

Fitted clubs

All players vary in height, body shape, hand-size, flexibility, and swing plane, yet most amateur players shop for the same sets of clubs. Having clubs fitted to you and your swing can positively impact your game.

A club fitter will create a set of clubs that matches your swing – from head and shaft to grip, loft, and lie angle. Clubs that are personally fitted should improve ball striking and reduce chunks, skulls, slices, and hooks.

There are several options for club fitting, including large chains, local golf professionals, manufacturer demo days, and manufacturer’s headquarters. Go online and search “club fitter near me” to explore your options.

Strengthening your core

A strong core — the muscles from your hips to your chest — can help you increase power and consistency. Stability is essential to consistency and explosive movements will generate more club head speed.

There are dozens of core strengthening programs, many of which are designed for specifically golf. Whether it’s at a local gym or in your home, three months of training can increase your core strength, which will enhance your play and overall fitness.

Friendly competition

Any time you can hit purposeful golf shots is beneficial. Now, competitive golf in the northeast is an option during the winter! You may not have true grass under your feet or plush greens to putt on, but you can take full swings and hit touch shots against playing partners.

Modern indoor golf facilities have simulators that allow you to play virtual rounds on famous course layouts from all over the world. Other facilities are staged outdoors, challenging you to hit at targets from heated tunnels.

Comfortable seating, dinner, and drinks complement this new wave of high-tech facilities. They not only quench a player’s thirst to play shots, but it’s also an evening out with family or friends.

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