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A Drill to Develop Distance Control on Chip Shots

Close-up of a person's feet lined up to putt.

The quickest way to lower your handicap is improving your short game. An accurate chip that rolls close to the hole can result in a one putt and avoid potential two or three putts.

Aiming the ball on short shots is simple. It’s distance control that requires development. Here is a simple drill that will improve your proficiency on chip shots around the green.

Purpose: Improve distance control on chips from 30 yards and closer to the flagstick.

What you need: Your choice of wedge, golf balls, six clubs (or markers/cones), 30 yards of grass.

Setup: Drop your golf balls and wedge in the hitting area. Lay a golf club on the ground (horizontally) five yards in front of your hitting area. Place the remaining five clubs in five-yard increments directly behind the first club. The final club should be 30 yards away from your ball.

Exercise: Try to chip a ball that lands between the first and second club. Once that is achieved, go to the next set and land a ball between the second and third club. Continue this sequence until you’ve reached the fifth and sixth club.

Once each set is completed, repeat the sequence in reverse. Land a ball between the fifth and sixth clubs, fourth and fifth and so on, finishing with a shot that lands between the first and second club.

Make this a game where you’re competing with yourself or a partner. Keep track of your strokes throughout the exercise for a total number of shots. Try to lower that number each time you practice.

Result: This drill will help you develop touch and improve your short distance control. Chip shots that finish close to the hole will yield more pars and reduce bogies or higher.

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