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6 Dog-Friendly Destinations in Connecticut

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Is your furry friend desperate for new experiences? Are you looking to liven up their walks with new scenery? Look no further! With its walking trails, beaches, and parks, Connecticut has a wide variety of doggy destinations. We've compiled a list of six pet-friendly attractions that'll entice any dog and their human companions.

The Cascades at Lake Mohegan
Fairfield, CT

Although the lake itself isn't a dog park, Lake Mohegan consists of hiking trails, waterfall, and even a swimming area if you're also taking the kids along. Dogs are allowed off-leash 100 feet away from the parking and picnic areas, as long as you maintain control of them. Pets are allowed on the beaches between October 1 and March 31.

Jennings Beach
Fairfield, CT

Jennings Beach is a 27-acre beach open to dogs from October 1 to April 1. On leash or off, expect to see lots of other dogs roaming the shore. If you take your dog to the beach, consider applying dog-friendly sunscreen and be sure to carry plenty of fresh water. Also be sure to fill any holes your dog might dig.

Webb Mountain Park
Monroe, CT

If you're more comfortable keeping your dog on a leash and looking for a one-on-one hiking experience with your dog, consider Webb Mountain Park. This campground allows dogs on the trails and at the campsites. Take the Discovery Zone Trail if you're looking to visit some local landmarks.

Compo Beach
Westport, CT

The designated off-leash areas at Compo Beach are open to dogs from October 1 to March 30. Want to take your pup out on the water? Dogs are also allowed at the Ned Dimes Marina as long as they are leashed and joining you on your boat.

The Connecticut Audubon Society
Fairfield, CT

Looking for opportunities to appreciate nature with your dog? Consider the Connecticut Audubon Society and Larsen Wildlife Sanctuary in Greenfield Hill. Keep your dog leashed and enjoy the scenic trails and novel scents. A warning to dogs with strong hunting impulses: you will see wildlife along the trail, including hundreds of species of birds along with deer, foxes, frogs, turtles, and more.

Brett Woods
Fairfield, CT

For a more solitary experience, consider hiking into Brett Woods with your pup. Brett Woods is a 185-acre open space with areas for hiking, horseback riding, camping, and fishing.

No matter where you take your dog, be sure to always keep a close eye and clean up after them. Always check the rules of any place you plan to take an animal before you leave. Be considerate of other people and animals, and leash your pet if he starts to get too excited or makes someone uncomfortable.