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13 Fun Facts About Maryland

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In celebration of NJM's expansion of its auto, homeowners, and renters insurance into Maryland, we went on a scavenger hunt for the most interesting facts about the state. Test your Maryland knowledge against these fun facts!

  1. In 1902, Maryland became the first state to enact Workers’ Compensation laws.

  2. Baseball legend George Herman “Babe” Ruth was born in Baltimore on February 6, 1895.

  3. Wild ponies can be found roaming the beaches of Assateague Island off the coast of eastern Maryland.

  4. Maryland leads the United States in the production of blue crabs and soft clams.

  5. Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon surveyed the Mason-Dixon Line, Maryland’s northern boundary, between 1763 and 1767 to help resolve a century-long border dispute between Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

  6. Dr. Florence Rina Sabin of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore became the first female professor of medicine in 1901.

  7. The United States Naval Academy was founded on October 10, 1845 at Annapolis.

  8. Annapolis is the capital of Maryland.

  9. Maryland is 12,407 square miles.

  10. The population of the state is 6.046 million (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019).

  11. Maryland’s state flower and bird are the Black-eyed Susan and the Oriole, respectively.

  12. The state has two nicknames: Old Line State, Free State.

  13. Maryland became an official state when it was admitted to the Union on April 28, 1788.

We hope these facts will help you blow everyone away at your next trivia night. In the meantime, if we missed anything, let us know in the comments below!