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5 Tips for Roadside Safety

5 Tips for Roadside Safety

Roadside safety is just as important as on-road safety. Do you know how to protect yourself in the event of a vehicle breakdown? Consumer Reports highlights these tips for roadside safety.

  1. Pull your vehicle as far off the road as possible. If there is an emergency lane or grassy area, aim for those locations. Be sure to exit through the passenger door to avoid stepping out into traffic if you need to get out of the vehicle.

  2. Make sure others can easily see your vehicle. Turn on the hazard lights, then use flares or a hazard triangle to alert others that your vehicle is there.

  3. Display a distress signal. If you need help, tie a white cloth to the radio antenna or door handle of your car, or hang the cloth out of the top of the door or window and close it on the cloth.

  4. Know your location. When calling for help, be sure to give the most accurate description you can of your location (look for street signs, mile markers, or other landmarks if you can't pinpoint where you are).

  5. Lock the doors. Even in broad daylight, keep your doors locked at all times.

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