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10 Things You Should Always Have in Your Vehicle

10 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Vehicle

Whether drivers are commuting to work or heading out for a month-long road trip, planning for the unexpected is essential. From a flat tire to running out of gas, drivers can encounter any number of roadside troubles. NJM recommends the following things you should always have in your vehicle:

  1. Toll booth change/E-ZPass
  2. Car chargers for electronics
  3. Tire gauge
  4. Map or GPS (and charger)
  5. First aid kit (Tips for what to include in yours)
  6. Roadside emergency kit (basic tools, warning light/flares, gloves, duct tape, etc.)
  7. Flashlight and extra batteries
  8. Wool blanket
  9. Nonperishable foods
  10. Jumper cables (8–12 feet long)

When traveling with a pet, be sure to take with you any items they might need, including water, food, and medications.

If you always have the above things in your vehicle, you will be more prepared for an emergency situation and it could save your life — as well as others'.

Can you add any items to this list?

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