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10 Interesting Facts About Levittown, PA

11 Intereseting Facts About Pennsylvania

In the post–World War II era, housing was expensive and in short supply. Builder Abraham Levitt and his sons, William and Alfred, saw an opportunity to provide low–cost, efficient housing for returning war veterans. After creating his first Levittown development in Long Island in 1947, the New York–based developer focused his attention on Bucks County, Pa. (The third and final Levittown was built in New Jersey — the town was later renamed Willingboro).

Here are 10 interesting facts about Levittown, Pa., and how it came to be:

  1. In 1951, Levitt had local real estate agents quietly purchase 5,500 acres of farmland for his future Bucks County site

  2. He decided on the area after U.S. Steel’s Fairless Works announced plans to open a plant in Fairless Hills, providing thousands of jobs for employees who would buy Levittown homes along with other workers relocating from Philadelphia and Trenton

  3. Using a mass assembly line production using pre–cut materials, Levitt workers could produce a house every 16 minutes after the foundation was poured

  4. More than 17,000 homes, offering six models of ranchers and Cape Cods, were constructed from 1952–58

  5. The homes were priced between $9,000–$17,000 and featured open floor plans, large picture windows, and modern kitchens

  6. Buyers only needed a $100 down payment

  7. Levittown is comprised of 41 neighborhoods (also known as “sections”) spread over four municipalities (Bristol, Falls, and Middletown Townships, and the Borough of Tullytown)

  8. The names of the streets begin with the first letter of that neighborhood’s name

  9. The Walt Disney Elementary School was dedicated in 1955 and attended by its namesake animator and movie producer

  10. The Levittown baseball team won the 1960 Little League World Series

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