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The Need for Speed … Limits

The Need for Speed … Limits

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the economic cost of speed-related accidents exceeds $40 billion each year. To reduce speed-related accidents, New Jersey has designated the following speed limits throughout the state unless otherwise posted:

  • School zones, business or residential areas: 25 mph.
  • Non-posted rural roadways: 50 mph.
  • State highways and interstates (as posted): 55–65 mph.

These speed limits are determined based on favorable conditions — clear weather, minimal traffic and good visibility — as well as engineering studies which observe roadway geometry, pedestrian activity, and accident history, among others. When weather, environment and other factors come into play, drivers must slow down. NJM recommends drivers use caution when they encounter the following on their travels:

  • Narrow or winding roads.
  • Intersections or railroad crossings.
  • Hills or mountains.
  • Sharp or blind curves.
  • Limited visibility due to fog, rain or other elements.

Be safe on your travels, and as always, bring NJM along for the ride.

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