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The 19th Hole? Golf Equipment Maintenance

The 19th Hole? Golf Equipment Maintenance

The 2019 golf season is winding down in the northeast. Before storing your clubs for the winter, complete an equipment maintenance check to ensure they’re properly cared for and primed for performance in 2020.

Golf equipment can (and should) be maintained throughout the playing season, but it’s critical after your final round. Here are a few recommendations for cleaning your clubs and taking an inventory check to cap another year on the links.

Clean Your Clubs

The grooves on your clubface are designed to impart spin on the ball. Grass and dirt become lodged in the grooves each time you play, which can adversely affect club performance. Clean your clubfaces (particularly the grooves) after each round and at season’s end.

Cleaning your club heads is simple. Place your clubs in a bucket of warm water with a mild detergent and let them soak. Use an old toothbrush or a brush with soft bristles to scrub the grooves. Rinse the clubs with cold water and dry them with a cloth. That’s all it takes to clean your club heads.

Clean Your Grips

Cleaning your grips is also important. Throughout the season, a combination of rain, sweat, and oils (such as sun block residue) is absorbed by the club grips. This causes them to lose tackiness over time, forcing you to tighten your grip on the club. Tension is the enemy of any golf swing.

Spray a mild liquid cleaner on the grips and use a wet cloth to clean them. You can also clean with soap suds and rinse, but avoid using hot water. It may cause the glue to loosen underneath the grips.

Finally, inspect the overall condition of your grips. Shiny and cracked areas indicate the grips are worn down and need to be replaced.

Accessory Checklist

Take a moment to confirm you have all the accessories needed for next season. If something needs to be replaced, the end of the fall is a great time to purchase golf items.

✔Golf glove
✔Divot repair tool
✔Ball marker
✔Golf shoes
✔Head covers
✔Golf towel
✔Wind breaker

One final tip – assess the needs of your game as well. A new club might neutralize a weakness. Perhaps you’re struggling with your long irons and want to hit a hybrid club instead. Maybe your short game could use a gap wedge or inconsistent putting might benefit from an oversized putter grip.

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