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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Spring has sprung! It's important to prepare your house for the changing seasons and warming weather, both inside and outside. Here are some tips to guide your spring cleaning:

  1. Clean Your Gutters

    • Tools: ladder, work gloves, a hose, a trowel, buckets
    • Use a trowel to remove the large debris like leaves, cobwebs and dirt first
    • Use a hose to clean out anything still remaining in the gutter

    By ensuring your gutters are clean and draining water properly, you’ll protect your roof, windows, doors, siding and the foundation from water damage.

  2. Wash Your Garage

    • Tools: bucket, soap, sponge/rag, hose
    • Put a small amount of dish soap in a bucket and fill it with water
    • Dip the sponge or rag in the bucket and wash the garage door, then rinse with a hose
    • For added fun, get the kids involved and wash your family car(s) while you're at it!

    For more outdoor cleaning tips, visit the Home Depot.

  3. Start High then Go Low Indoors

    • Tools: duster, paper towels, cleaning solution, broom, mop, vacuum
    • Clean off your ceiling fans and light fixtures — they collect more dust than you realize!
    • Replace any lightbulbs that may have gone out
    • After cleaning up high, work your way down by wiping down cabinets, tables and counters
    • Finish your cleaning with sweeping and mopping (or vacuuming and shampooing) the floor

Working from top to bottom will ensure that no dust or crumbs fall onto your counters or floor after you've cleaned them. Try to use all-natural cleaning products, and remember to never mix chemicals. Get more details for indoor cleaning tasks from Reader's Digest.

We'd love to know if you have any additional tips for spring cleaning. Comment below to share your thoughts. NJM wishes you a happy and safe spring season!