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Pet-Friendly Home Renovations

Cat lounging on wall hammock.

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Don’t forget your pets when making those renovation plans. Here are eight items to consider that can benefit you and your furry friends.

  1. Flooring
    Get scratch–resistant floors. Also, consider adding radiant heat to the kitchen, bathroom, or entryway flooring. It will provide a relaxing area for your pet.

  2. Furniture
    Be aware that exposed wood (such as wicker and rattan) may be tempting for young dogs to chew. Woven and low–pile fabrics, short pile velour and print, pattern or multi–colored fabric are good at hiding pet hair and stains. Leather is easy to wipe clean, although some kinds may be susceptible to scratches.

  3. Paint
    Use satin or semi–gloss paint to make it easier to wipe off dirt and pet hair from walls.

  4. Feeding stations
    Consider a built–in feeding station under the kitchen cabinet with a shelf or pull–out drawer to store pet food.

  5. Built–in bed
    Shelves and cabinets are also ideal for giving your pet a dedicated place to sleep.

  6. Mudroom
    These are great for containing the outdoor mess in a single area.

  7. Pet shower
    An excellent addition to your mudroom to eliminate hosing your pet in your shower or bathtub.

  8. Cat highway
    Designing one will provide horizontal and vertical spaces, so your cat isn’t confined to the floor in your home.

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