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How Your Small Business Can Utilize Video Marketing

How Your Small Business Can Utilize Video Marketing

A comprehensive marketing strategy incorporates video, including customer testimonials, how–to videos, and live-streaming events. There are several well–known platforms for video marketing, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Video is a powerful tool that enables you to reach your audience in a more cost–effective way than traditional marketing, such as billboards and direct mail. It can also increase your search engine rankings and email engagement, driving more traffic to your website. Perhaps the best parts of video marketing are that it is easily accessible, effective, and engaging.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can use video to broaden your marketing efforts.

Your first video — highlight your products and services

Creating a video to introduce your business to your audience is a great place to start. It’s an opportunity to grab your audience’s attention and leave a positive impression. Talk about your business and what separates it from the competition. Try not to make your first video too much of a hard sell. Instead, seek to establish your company as a leading option for anyone interested in the goods or services your company provides.

Introduce the team

As a follow–up video, you might consider putting names with faces. This builds reliability and credibility with your audience. Most importantly, it lets your audience know that you and your team are regular people, just like them. You can help alleviate any camera–shyness by writing a script and giving your staff time to practice in front of the camera.

Customer testimonials

Here’s where things become more engaging. Third-party endorsements are far more compelling than first–party testimonials. Showcasing the great experiences your customers have had can go a long way in encouraging more customers to choose your business. Customer testimonials tend to be emotional and authentic and build credibility more quickly than slogans or advertising pitches.

Develop FAQs

Answering questions before they’re asked creates a great customer experience. Identify the most commonly asked questions you receive from customers and turning them into a video. It may impress your customers and reduce the time it takes to answer their questions over the phone or through chat.

Turn your leaders into advocates

Your company’s mission, vision, and values are unique. And who knows them better than your top leaders? Have your executives talk about the things that make your company stand out. You’ll send a message that the commitment you have to customer satisfaction is something that permeates the company.

Talk about the good you do for the communities you serve

If your company helps local nonprofits or encourages employees to volunteer, talk about it! Corporate social responsibility increasingly decides whether consumers pick one company over another. You can also feature the nonprofit leaders you support, which can help create an emotional connection between you and your audience.

Use live video to drive interaction

What makes live video fun is that it’s not rehearsed or scripted. For example, consider streaming the ribbon cutting at the grand opening of a new branch, or the ceremony when donating a check to a local nonprofit. This can drive viewers to your social media, and engage them in real–time. Social media is about conversations, and live events are a great way to create a dialogue.

Growing your business requires creativity and innovation. With just a smartphone, you can use these video marketing tips to drive consumers to your product or service by posting videos directly to your business’s social media channels. With such a powerful tool at the ready, there’s no reason not to give video marketing a try.