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Fun Games to Play at Home With Kids

Fun Games to Play at Home With Kids

Kids love games, so here are a few that are simple to play and require minimal equipment. Start out by playing it with them, and who knows? You may accidentally find your inner child.

Game: Waste Paper Basket–Ball

What’s needed: 10 pieces of paper, tape, waste paper basket

How many players: 2 – 5

How to play: Place the waste paper basket in an elevated position. Crumble up the pieces of paper into the shape of a ball. Wrap a few strips of tape around each ball to maintain its shape and make it more aerodynamic. Each player gets five balls.

Stand approximately 15–20 feet away from the basket and alternate shots. Most balls in the basket wins.

Key to the game: Move the basket or your positioning with each round to vary the difficulty of shots.

Game: Soccer Golf

What’s needed: a soccer ball for each player, a yard

How many players: 2 – 5

How to play: The objective is to kick the ball the fewest amount of times before hitting the hole, which can be a cone, a post, another ball — any object that’s on the ground.

Each player starts with a ball at a designated starting point (tee box). Players alternate shots, kicking the ball around the house (dwelling) with the goal of hitting the hole in the fewest number of kicks. The ball must come to a complete stop before taking the next shot. Strategy and accuracy are important to success.

Once all players have completed the hole, move to a new tee box or move the hole. Keep track of scores for each hole and the lowest total wins.

Keys to the game: Obstacles in the yard make the game more fun and challenging. Try to have hills, trees, or other structures in the way of the hole.

Game: Dime ball

What’s needed: one dime, one tennis ball

How many players: 2 per game

How to play: This game is very simple, but it can be addictive. The two competitors stand approximately eight feet apart. Place a dime on the ground in the middle of the two opponents. (Find flat pavement outdoors and use any non-carpeted flooring indoors). One player holds a tennis ball and throws the ball downward attempting to hit the dime. If the ball hits the dime, the player is awarded a point. The opponent takes the next shot, and so on. First player to 8 points wins.

This is a great game for kids to play against adults because anyone can win while trying their best. If there are a group of players, set up brackets and play a tournament.

Keys to the game: Patience and honesty. Even though this game appears to be simple, it’s not as easy as it looks. It may take several turns to hit your first dime.