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7 Tips on Picking the Right Driving School for Your Teen

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Driving School

The keys to the car. It's what most teens approaching the legal driving age dream about. But before they slide behind the wheel, providing the right foundation is important. That's why many parents feel safer having a professional driving instructor teach their teen. Here are seven tips for choosing a driving school that will help prepare your teen for getting a license and being a better driver.

  1. Do online searches for schools in your area that are accredited. Check their websites for information on their involvement with associations, such as the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association.

  2. Seek advice. Ask other parents and teens about their experiences with driving schools. A good driving school should be able to provide references.

  3. Verify that the school's license status is in good standing. The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides a list of licensed driving schools. If you cannot find the information, call the school. They should be able to provide proof of accreditation.

  4. Look for schools that encourage parental involvement. Most schools know this is a big step for parents as well as for their teens. Meet with the instructor to review the curriculum and ask what you can do to support your young driver. According to AAA, instructors should provide parents with feedback after each driving lesson.

  5. Pay attention to the quality of the experience your teen will get. In addition to the basics of turn signals, braking, and steering, teens should be gaining valuable experience on various roadways and different driving situations. Learning to maneuver in traffic and drive in communities and on highways are important skills for your teen to learn.

  6. Compare values. Are there any fees applied if your teen misses a lesson? Review the student-teacher ratio. AAA recommends 10 to 1 as the ideal ratio, with 24 to 1 as the maximum.

  7. Comfort level. Make sure your teen is comfortable with the instructor.

Getting a driver's license is an exciting time for teens and parents alike. Choosing the right driving school can help ensure your teen is properly prepared for the road.