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7 Tips for Safer Youth Baseball

7 Tips for Safer Youth Baseball

Youth baseball is a fun activity for kids and parents alike, but there are important safety measures that cannot be ignored. Below are 7 tips for safer youth baseball.

  1. Wear all the proper equipment during practice and game, including a helmet, mask, and, if needed, goggles.

  2. Get lots of exercise before the season begins to prevent injuries.

  3. Inspect the playing field for debris such as broken glass or large rocks prior to playing.

  4. Consider face-mask batting helmets and mouth guards to prevent oral, facial, eye, and head injuries.

  5. Helmets should fit snugly, so no soft baseball caps should be worn underneath, and should be secured with chin straps to prevent falling while running.

  6. Do not apply paint or stickers to the helmet shell, which can cause a chemical reaction that destroys the helmet's hard, protective ability.

  7. Know the signs of asthma emergency and make sure others do too.

According to USABaseball.com, the younger the age group, the higher the relative frequency of injuries from warm-ups and post-game or post-practice horseplay. Also, young batters are more apt to be injured by a swung bat while getting into position.

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