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15 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe at Home

15 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe at Home

September is Baby Safety Month! Check out these 15 ways to keep your baby safe at home.

    The Crib:

  1. Look for a Juvenile Product Manufacturer's Association label, which ensures that the crib was created with safety in mind. This includes making sure the slats are no more than two and three-eighths inches apart — you shouldn't be able to fit a soda can through them.
  2. Make sure the wood is smooth to prevent splinters.
  3. Avoid drop-side cribs. Since 2010, millions of drop-side cribs have been recalled and banned for incidents that led to injury and even death.
  4. At Nighttime:

  5. Place the baby on her back to avoid suffocation.
  6. Remove stuffed animals and fluffy blankets or pillows that could easily cover your baby.
  7. Try footed pajamas to keep your baby warm as an alternative to blankets.
  8. The Bed:

  9. Once your baby is about 35 inches tall or can climb the walls of the crib, it's time to consider transitioning to a bed. As they adjust to their new bed, use guardrails to prevent them from falling out and to make them feel safer.
  10. The Furniture:

  11. Secure furniture to the wall, covering unused outlets with plastic protectors.
  12. Make sure toy chest lids are spring-loaded to keep them from falling down unexpectedly.
  13. The Cabinets:

  14. Use child safety locks generously, keeping them on cabinets that store dangerous chemicals and cleaners, knives, or appliances.
  15. If your baby is persistent, set aside one cabinet meant for them to rifle through and fill it with safe things such as Tupperware and wooden spoons.
  16. Use the back burners on the stove to prevent anything from falling onto the floor and near your baby.
  17. The Bathroom:

  18. Always keep the toilet lid down and lock it, along with any drawers or cabinets that store dangerous things like nail clippers, curling irons, or medicine.
  19. Invest in non-slip mats to use both in and out of the shower to prevent slipping — you'll be just as likely to benefit as your baby!
  20. Place a rubber guard over the tub spout to protect your baby's head during bath time.

By following these tips and advice, your home is on its way to being a safe place for your baby to grow and learn. For more ways to keep your home safe for babies, check out Baby Safety Zone.