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Is a Fatter Putter Grip Better?

Close up of hands positioned on golf putter grip.

Stroking good putts consistently is a challenge for most amateur players. It’s a skill that requires feel, and when players lack that feel, their hands and wrists can become too active.

The cure for overactivity may be to get fatter — with your putter grip, that is.

Thicker putter grips have gained popularity over the past decade. They help reduce grip tension and quiet the hands. PGA Tour professional Jason Dufner drew attention to oversized putter grips while winning the 2013 PGA Championship and there’s been increased use by players ever since.

If you’re struggling on the greens, consider experimenting with an oversized putter grip. Here are the potential benefits.

Reduce tension in the hands

Tension is the enemy of athletes and it’s detrimental to putting. A tense grip can adversely affect your accuracy and distance control. Testing by the Milwaukee School of Engineering showed a 32% reduction in grip tension with an oversized putter grip compared to a standard grip. A tension–free grip will improve your results.

Minimize wrist movement

Too much hand and wrist movement will lead to misses on short putts. When a player “pushes” or “pulls” a putt, it’s caused by excessive hand or wrist action. This alters (opens or closes) the putter face and sends the ball offline. A fatter grip quiets the hands and reduces the chance of an errant putt.

Promotes a pendulum swing

A good putting stroke is fueled by the bigger muscle groups — arms and shoulders. If your hands are unable to move much due to the oversized grip, the arms and shoulders will operate your putting stroke. This will help keep your putter face square to and through the ball.

If you experiment with an oversized grip, keep in mind there will be an adjustment period. The handle (or top) of the club will be heavier, making the putter head feel lighter. This can make distance control challenging in the early stages. Once you feel comfortable on the practice greens, take it out onto the course!

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