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Great Golf Gifts for the Holidays

Great Golf Gifts for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start racking your brain for thoughtful gift ideas. Do you have a family member or close friend that plays golf? If so, you’re in luck.

The following is a list of can’t miss gifts for the golf enthusiast in your life. None of them require golf knowledge and all of them can be purchased online.

Golf Rangefinders
Estimated cost: $150

Golf rangefinders have become extremely popular with players at all levels. It’s a simple device (think of small binoculars) that measures the distance between the ball and the flag. So, whether the ball is sitting in the middle of the fairway or under a tree, a rangefinder informs the player what the precise yardage is to the flag. This helps in selecting the appropriate club for their shot.

Rangefinders can “range” in price from $100 to more than $500. Special features, such as slope calculation and barometric element readings will increase the cost, but a quick and accurate distance reading is the essential data players need.

Estimated cost: $100

Golf is a warm weather sport played during the daytime, so sunglasses are useful on the course. And it’s not just for style. An average round is approximately four hours and 20 minutes, which is a long time to squint in bright conditions. UV rays can accelerate cataract development and gradual degeneration of the retina. Wearing sunglasses helps protect a player’s eyes from long term damage.

Golf Course Gift Cards
Estimated cost: $75

You can’t go wrong gifting a round of golf. Purchase a gift card from a player’s favorite golf course or find a course they’ve never played to give them a new experience. You have two options when buying a gift card from a course. Either purchase the total cost of a round of golf plus the cart fee or choose a dollar amount to be used at the course. For example, if you buy a $100 gift card and it costs $60 to play, the remaining money can be used to purchase items in the pro shop or for lunch at the clubhouse following the round.

Lessons with a Golf Pro
Estimated cost: $270 (total amount for three lessons)

All players can benefit from lessons with a golf pro. Improving swing mechanics, increasing power, refining the short game, and mastering course management are just a few areas that pros can help develop.

Search online for golf professionals in your area. Many now have access to indoor facilities and can offer instruction during the winter months. A set of three lessons is the best number to purchase.

Tickets to a Tour Event
Estimated cost: $60 per ticket

Professional golf tournaments are a great way to spend a weekend or midweek vacation day. It’s a sun-soaked experience watching the best players in the world on a beautiful landscape, while getting exercise outdoors. The food and drink are always terrific as well.

Search online for schedules to find a tournament in your area. Keep in mind that there are multiple tours, most notably the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Senior Tour.

Golf Balls
Estimated cost: $20

Let’s not look past the obvious. Everyone can use a dozen golf balls, so it’s a simple gift that will be well received.

Don’t worry about the type of golf ball or brand. They will all be useful in some capacity, whether it’s during a round or for practice. If you want to add some flare to your gift, you can order personalized golf balls that display a message, logo, or image.

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